The Importance of Hiring a Fathers Rights Lawyer

Whether you are a single father or a married father, you have the right to challenge custody and visitation issues in the family court. A fathers rights lawyer in Irvine CA can help you in this process. They can also defend you against false accusations of child abuse. They can also ensure that you are able to obtain the custody and support you need.

One of the most important aspects of family law in California is child custody. The judge is required to put the needs of the child first and only award custody to the parent who is in the best interest of the child. Although the courts historically awarded custody to the mother, today, courts are understanding the importance of both parents being active in the lives of their children.

Fathers have equal rights to custody, visitation, and child support in California. However, there are some instances where a father has lost custody due to minor incidents. If you are involved in a custody dispute, it is important to hire an experienced child support attorney in Irvine CA to protect your rights.

If you are an unmarried father, you must file for custody of your child to establish your parental rights. In some cases, you can use a genetic test to establish your paternity. Once the court has accepted your claim, you will have legal rights to the child. Often, you can get a reasonable amount of visitation. You can even get physical custody, which determines the primary residential custodian of the child. This can allow you to make a comprehensive parenting plan.

An experienced child visitation lawyer can help you establish a legal visitation schedule for your child. They can also enforce any existing court orders. They can also prevent future violations by ensuring that the proper procedures are followed. They can also help you if you need to modify an existing custody agreement.

Many states have developed same-sex marriage laws. These laws consider sex alone, but not the gender of the parents. They do not take into consideration the fact that women work outside of the home more than men. The mother is usually awarded reasonable visitation in a typical child custody case. Nevertheless, if the mother does not agree with the arrangement, she can pull out of the agreement without having to go through the courts.

If you are an unmarried man, you may have a difficult time challenging the custody of your child. Your family court may not recognize you as the child’s father. This is because the California Family Code presumes that a child born within 300 days of the divorce is the child of the marriage. This means that the court will not recognize you as the child’s father until paternity has been established.

A fathers rights attorney in Irvine CA can help you obtain custody of your child after a divorce. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how a fathers rights attorney can help you, contact Moore Family Law Group. They have years of experience in both divorce and family law, and they can help you with a wide variety of issues. They can also help you with estate planning.